Pharmacy Compounding

Compounding is always done with the consent of your prescriber, and tailored to meet the dosage form and strength they recommend. Bitterroot Drug’s Compounding Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have completed extensive training and are certified by the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA). Compounding provides customized medications for one time needs or ongoing medical prescriptions such as for hospice care, thyroid conditions, dermatological treatments, and many other specific needs.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Compounding uses plant-derived hormones that are bioidentical to those that occur naturally in women. The dosage is monitored and adapted to each woman’s body and hormone levels, resulting in a hormone replacement that closely mimics what each woman’s body has been doing naturally for years. B.R. Dough also specializes in testosterone replacement for men. The compounded formula can be delivered as capsules, lozenges, troches, suppositories or topical creams or gels as desired.

Pain Management

For many, pain medication to treat a one-time injury or chronic condition can be almost as hard to manage as the pain itself because of drowsiness, stomach irritation or other side effects. Compounding allows the pharmacist to work with your physician on alternate methods of delivery of pain medication to meet the dosage you require without unwanted side effects.

Pediatric Compounding

Children may object to the look or taste of their necessary medications, have trouble swallowing capsules or tablets, or have an allergy to specific ingredients. Your prescriber and our compounding pharmacists will collaborate to develop specific medications that are free of allergy-inducing or unwanted ingredients in an appropriate solution or topical formulation. Our staff will work with you to find a suitable solution.

Veterinary Compounding

Veterinary Compounding is a growing field, aimed at delivering the exact dosage and strength of medications for your pets, whether they are six or one hundred sixty pounds. Best of all, this medication can be delivered in a flavor and form your pets are sure to enjoy.