Professional and Personal Service

Our pharmacy has a reputation for extraordinary customer service and individualized care. We are ready to serve you with a full service pharmacy, state of the art compounding pharmacy and many additional products and services. You can also browse for unique souvenirs, candy and gift ideas.

Bitterroot Drug is your local pharmacy in Hamilton, Montana.

Our Pharmacy

Whether you need to fill a one-time prescription or require ongoing care, our professional Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians are ready to assist you.
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Bitterroot Drug is a compounding pharmacy in Hamilton, Montana.


Compounding is the art of making customized medications to meet each patient’s needs for dosage, strength and form.
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Local gift shop in Hamilton, Montana.

Our Store

Browse and shop to your heart’s content! Bitterroot Drug packs a lot of enjoyment and unique inventory into a small space. 
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Frequently Asked Questions at Bitterroot Drug in Hamilton, Montana.


We’ve tried to anticipate and answer your most common questions. Don’t hesitate to call or stop by during regular business hours with any additional questions.
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Pickup or Free Delivery

Bitterroot Drug is open 7 days a week. You or a designated person can pick up your prescriptions or ask about delivery during regular business hours.

We offer free delivery in the Hamilton city limits for your convenience. Please call by 3 pm for same day delivery.

Find Us

211 W Main St
Hamilton, MT 59840